Year of 2013

General Assembly (April)

Year of 2012

Working Committee (August)

  • Place: Bangkok Host: SET
  • Points:
  • - Amendment of the AOSEF Charter and adoption of a new internal rule
  • - Collaboration with WFE Market Structure & Fragmentation Task Force
  • - Proposal for New Study
      It is proposed a new project to study market rules and structure of AOSEF member exchanges which shall be beneficial for member exchanges for development of the members' markets.
  • In collaboration with Working Committee meeting, Workshop: "Cross-border cooperation of exchanges" was organized.
  • For the following topics, the presentations were conducted, followed by active discussion by the members.
    • -ASEAN exchanges initiatives
    • -Indochina cooperation
    • -Myanmar cooperation
    • -Cooperation of exchanges in Greater China
    • -BRIC cooperation

General Assembly (March)

  • Place: Sydney Host: ASX
  • Points:
  • - Keynote Speech: Mr. Greg Medcraft, Chairman, Australian Securities & Investments Commission
  • - Keynote Speech: Mr. Mike Smith, CEO of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
  • - Market updates report from member exchanges
  • - AOSEF Fundingp
  • - AOSEF Roadmap
    • Based on the discussion held at Working Committee meeting in Mumbai in December, 2011, it is confirmed that AOSEF should assume a new role and advocate the common interests of regional exchanges to stakeholders including WFE and other regional federations, local and international regulators, and market participants. As short term tasks, AOSEF will work on enrichment of AOSEF website, reach-out to state-holders, discussion on WFE position papers to form common positions, and more workshops for knowledge sharing.
  • - Roundtable Discussion
    • "How are AOSEF Exchanges Addressing Competition and Cooperation Issues"
    • "Developing the SMEs Market and its Corporate Governance"

Working Committee (March)

  • Place: Sydney Host: ASX
  • Points:
  • - Summary of Discussions at the General Assembly
  • - New Business / New Workshops / New Initiatives
    • It is agreed to have a workshop, along with the next Working Committee meeting, concerning cross-border cooperation of exchanges, which covers ASEAN exchange cooperation, an initiative among BRIC exchanges, and assistance provided by KRX and TSE to launch new exchanges in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.
Year of 2011

Working Committee (December)

  • Place: Mumbai Host: BSE & NSE
  • Points:
  • -As the capital markets change rapidly around the world, we once again discussed about the mission of AOSEF to contribute to the development and enhacement of the Asia and Oceanian markets. It is confirmed that besides the networking function, AOSEF will play a center role of advocacy of exchanges and industry in this region.
    • [Objectives of AOSEF]
    • Taking thought leadership position in issues as a representative of Asia region
      • -Reaching out to international & regional exchange federations
      • -Engaging with regional regulatory bodies
      • -Engaging with market participants groups
    • [Tasks of AOSEF]
      • 1. Enhancement of the functions of Secretariat
      • 2. Collaboration with WFE
      • 3. Workshops
    • The details shall be determined at the General Assembly to be held in March 2012, in Sydney, Australia.

    Year of 2010

    Working Committee (November)

    • Place: Seoul Host: KRX
    • Points:
    • -We reviewed the update of Roadmap for AOSEF. Each taskforce leader gave presentation on the topic followed by comments and discussion by members.
      • ・Corporate Governance
      • ・Trading Platform and Associated Regulatory Framework Trends
    • -In collaboration with AOSEF, Global ETF Conferece was organized by KRX:
    • Many institutional investors and ETF providers from inside and outside of Korea attended the conference, and some of the AOSEF members gave speeches and joined the panel discussions. KRX has been responsible for ETF taskforce since 2009, and with this Conference, the taskforce has been successfully completed.
    • (PressReleasePDF)

    General Assembly (April)

    • Place: Bali Host: IDX
    • Points:
    • -H.E. Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Finance Minister of the Republic of Indonesia attended the meeting and also gave a keynote speech.
    • -Market updates report from member exchanges
    • -Admission of Hanoi Stock Exchange to AOSEF membership
    • -Roundtable Discussion
      • ・Corporate Governance
      • ・Regional Cooperation fo Exchanges
    • (PressReleasePDF)

    Working Committee (April)

    • Place: Bali Host: IDX
    • Points:
    • - Review of Roadmap on AOSEF after the GA
      • ・Leader's report by each Task Force
      • ・Presentation by ASX: Algorithmic Trading and Market Access Arrangements
    • (PresentationPDF)

    Year of 2009

    Working Committee (October)

    • Place: Tokyo Host:TSE
    • Points:
    • -We reviewed the update of Roadmap for AOSEF. Each taskforce leader gave presentation on the topic followed by comments and discussion by members.
      • ・Understanding Customer needs
      • ・Structured Products: ETF
      • ・New Markets
      • ・Financial Literacy
      • ・Corporate Governance
      • ・Trading Platform Trends and Regulatory Frameworks
    • -We had interactive communication with Intermarket Surveillance Group (ISG) meeting which was also held in Tokyo. We invited Mr. Thomas Gira, the Chairman of the ISG, Executive Vice President, Market Regulation Department, FINRA and Mr. Andrew Dodsworth, the Deputy Chairman of the ISG, Executive Director, Market Services, NYSE LIFFE to give us a presentation.

    Workshop: Market Surveillance (July)

    • Place: Bombay Host: BSE & NSE
    • Points:
    • -We had presentations by some member exchanges regarding their practice on market surveillance
    • -Roundtable discussion:
      • ・Market surveillance of India
      • ・Market surveillance in cross boarder trading
      • ・Introduction and case study of Tokyo Stock Exchange market surveillance
      • ・Role of government regulators and exchanges on market surveillance
      • ・The effect of DMA on market surveillance
    • -Asia / Oceania CCP (Central Counter Party) meeting was also held along with the Workshop.

    General Assembly (April)

    • Place: Cebu Host: PSE
    • Points:
    • -H.E. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President, Republic of the Philippines attended the meeting and also gave a keynote speech.
    • -Market updates report from member exchanges
    • -Roundtable Discussion
      • ・Financial crisis and exchanges
      • ・ASEAN Exchange Link
    • (PDF:36.7KB)

    Working Committee (April)

    • Place: Cebu Host: PSE
    • Points:
    • - Review of Roadmap on AOSEF after the GA
      • ・Finalizing the Template for Topics and Project
      • ・The timeline/schedule for implementation

    Working Committee (February)

    • Place: Kuala Lumpur Host: BM
    • Points:
    • -Road Map for AOSEF: Presentation and discussion
    • -Discussion Session :Credit Crisis - “How it has impacted Exchanges within the region?”
    • -AOSEF website renewal
    • -Suggestion for the project /initiatives for 2009/2010
    • -Membership

    information on meetings held before 2009

    • Please refer to the file below for archived information
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