Year of 2016

March 24-26
General Assembly Place: Bangkok Host: SET
January 29
Working Committee & Workshop Place: Tokyo Host: JPX

Year of 2015

March 26-28
General Assembly Place: Tokyo Host: JPX

Year of 2014

November 14
Working Committee & Workshop Place: Shanghai Host: SSE
May 15-17
General Assembly Place: Mumbai Host: NSE

Year of 2013

December 13
Working Committee & Workshop Place: Ho Chi Minh City Host: HOSE
April 9-11
General Assembly Place: Shenzhen Host: SZSE

Year of 2012

August 17
Working Committee & Workshop Place: Bangkok Host: SET
March 28- 30
General Assembly Place: Sydney Host: ASX

Year of 2011

December 5
Working Committee Place: Mumbai Host: BSE & NSE
March 29- April 1
General Assembly Place: Osaka Host: OSE *Postponed

Year of 2010

Nomember 24
Working Committee Place: Seoul Host:KRX
April 15-17
General Assembly Place: Bali Host: IDX

Year of 2009

Working Committee Place: Tokyo Host:TSE
Workshop: Market Surveillance Place: Bombay Host: BSE & NSE
General Assembly Place: Cebu Host: PSE
Working Committee Place: Cebu Host: PSE
Working Committee Place: Kuala Lumpur Host:BM

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